Our company, previously called Szitaprint GMK, was founded in 1985 as a family business, its main profile was sieve printing, and from 1988 welding machine production entered into the range of activities. We’ve started to produce transformes in 1992.

The 15-year-old professional experience in mechanical engineering made us capable to start our business. Initially we rented a workshop in Kunmadaras and seven years later, due to the expansion of our business, we moved our location to Karcag, which allowed the continuous enlargement of our machine park.

There are more than 700m2 production space available in this location, equipped with the necessary machines. In 2004 we purchased a vacuum impregnation equipment in order to ensure high quality for our products.

Beside the transformer development and manufacturing we are dealing with reparation. Our qualification and the equipments still allows on-demand manufacturing of welding machines, as well.

The unique design of our products made it necessary to establish the mechanical engineering department. The entire process of transformer production is carried out by a qualified team, from design to construction, from 40VA to 630kVA power, produced for many areas of industry.

Some of our products are exported, but significant part of the devices manufactured for domestic market and for resellers. We maintain good relations with our suppliers, our raw materials can be purchased in competitive prices, and we can supply our customers with favourable priced products.

Our goal is the continuous development of the technology in order to provide first-rate products to our partners with short lead time at best price.