Single phase 50 Hz high-current liquid-cooled incandescent transformer

Rated power 80 kVA
Rated primary voltage 400 V
Primary tappings ± 2,5%; ± 5%
Rated primary current 210 A
Rated current in the primary coil 2,1 A/mm2
Rated secondary voltage 5,00 V
Rated secondary current 15 000 A
Rated current in the secondary coil 9,7 A/mm2
No-load power at rated primary voltage 0,38 A
No-load losses 152 W
Mode Permanent
Starting time (Bi) 100%
Winding Cu
Shock protection I.
Thermal protection switch to turn on intensive air cooling PTC 80 C0
Thermal protection switch to avoid overheating PTC 120 C0
Cooling of the transformer body and the primary winding AN/AF air cooling
Cooling of the secondary winding AF liquid cooling
Connecting cooling liquid ½” external thread
Protection IP 00


The transformer functions as the incandescent transformer of a machine, which performs special technological task: heat forming of different diameter steel bars.





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