With separate wiring device

  MIG-450; MIG-500 Welding machine applied with mobile wiring device  
Primery data MIG-450 MIG-500
Nominal voltage 3x400V 50Hz 3x400V 50Hz
Rated AC power 3x16A 3x25A
Connected load 16,5 kVA 20,4 kVA
Fuse value C 3x25A C 3x35A
Power factor (cosφ) 0,85 0,85
Secondary data    
Setting range 30A/15,5V - 450A/36,5V 30A/15,5V - 500A/39,0V
No-load voltage 17-52V 17-56V
Welding current
Bi=60% 500A 550A
Bi=80% 450A 500A
Bi=100% 410A 440A
Cooling method AF AF
Isolation class F F
Safety class I I
Protection IP23 IP23
Size 1050x480x950 mm 1050x480x950 mm
Weight 219 kg 256 kg


The MIG-450 / MIG-500 welding machines developed for mobile operation, where position change of the welding machine is needed during operation, because of the distance or the weight of the workpiece.


In use of MIG-450 / MIG-500 not the whole machine, only the wire feed unit need to be moved, which is much easier.


The newly developed MIG-450 / MIG-500 type welding machine complies with ISO 9001:2000 EUROPA standard. The welding machine owns the right to use the CE mark according to EN 60974-1 European standard.


The MIG-450 / MIG-500 type DC welding machines with flat characteristic curve are developed for consumable electrode arc welding and gas shielded arc welding (MIG / MAG Technology). The MIG-450 / MIG-500 type welding machines can be operated with active and mixed protective gas, can be applied for welding unalloyed and low alloyed steels.


The MIG-450 / MIG-500 type welding machines have self-control unit, which capable to keep the speed of the welding wire as it is determined, independently of the welding level. The MIG-450 / MIG-500 type welding machines ensures the cooling both the welding machine and the welding torch.


Characteristics of MIG-450 / MIG-500 type welding machines:

  • Self-regulating welding wire control
  • Reliability
  • Simple structure
  • Easy to operate
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Built-in, closed cooling circuit for welding torch