We develop and manufacture transformers based on our customers' specific needs. During the development we take into account all the valid standards and we prepare the related documents for production.




We produce dry transformers and choke coils in single- and three-phase version from 40 VA to 630 kVA power for many areas of industry in various applications.

Technological power transformers for the operation of machines and equipments whose voltage differs from the voltage of the Hungarian standard network. These are mostly three-phase transformers between 40 kVA - 630 kVA performance, such as various Japanese investments in Hungary eg. in Biatorbágy, Mór, Székesfehérvár, Dunaújváros, Újhartyán, Kecskemét.

Control transformers between 1.0 kVA -100kVA performance limits, in single- and three-phase versions. These transformers are generally installed in control cabinets of various automatic or semi-automatic systems, their multi-secunder voltages serve the system power supply. They are widespreadly used, eg. for the ventilating window operation of Hungarian Post Headoffice, for the operation of respirators of Medicor and for the power supply of security system in Paks Nuclear Power Plant.

Safety isolating transformers in closed and portable version between 0,5 kVA –6,3 kVA performance limits mostly for opertion of hand-tools and for all the places where it is a restriction to operate the devices from isolated power supply.

Closed, single- or three-phase isolating or safety isolating transformers between 1.0 kVA - 10 kVA power limits, suitable for the operation of security lighting of construction sites.

Medical isolating transformers are key in construction of isolated electromedical network in therapeutic areas, they ensure their power supply in single- or three-phase version. Those are used in large quantities in different hospital reconstructions and in new investments.

Special transformers, that are so unique, only suitable for the operation of a specific machine or equipment, and only one made of it. For example, a power transformer of an advanced material-testing equipment.

Railway transformers for raiway equipments and galvanic transformers as the power supply of electroplating equipments.





We undertake reparation of oil insulated and dry transformers, conventional and gas-shielded welding machines, even as onsite service. We provide a guarantee for the repaired parts as well as for the new devices.



  • Resellers: DIONIZ Kft Szeged; SZA-CO kft Kecskemét; Villmotorok Drive Kft Békéscsaba; HÓDVILL-KER kft Debrecen; MÉRKER Zrt. Eger; QL Fénycentrum Miskolc; Zárlat-Vill Kft. Fót; MARCHIOL Kft. Budapest; TANGENTOR Bt. Budapest
  • Special unique transformers, Power transformers of galvanic equipments: ANÓDHÍD Kft. Budapest, GALISZ Kft. Jánosháza, NF. MIKROTECHNIKA Kft. Törökszentmiklós
  • Power supply and control transformers of high-frequency generators: NF. MIKROTECHNIKA Törökszentmiklós
  • Rolling mills driven transformers: Villamos Hajtás és Járműelektronika – DUNAFERR.
  • Transformers for Material testing equipments: AGM-MEGA Csepel.
  • Transformers for Railway equipments: MÁV Járműjavító Kft. Szolnok; GYSEV Sopron
  • Power supply and control transformers of automation systems; VT-ASYST Kft. Székesfehérvár, VOX Automatika Kft. Diósjenő
  • Transformers for Special networks: MVM Budapest